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Secretarial/ Administrative:
Business letter drafting, meeting facilitation, word processing, clerical duties or data entry, you can avail of all the services of a secretary without the need of hiring one.

Are you a frequent traveler?
Rest assured all your travel needs will be taken care of and flawless arrangements shall be made for your stay abroad. And what more? The functioning of your office will not be affected, our professional staff take care of all your correspondence and forward it to you by mail or Email as per your instructions. Messages shall be taken and seamlessly passed on to you. Hence your business will run smoothly regardless of your physical presence in your office.

Fax Management
All your incoming and outgoing faxes are taken care of maintaining confidentiality to protect your business interest.

Courier Management 
All your courier requirements are handled efficiently by our staff with preferred a courier service provider at actual rates.

Mail Handling
All your incoming mail shall be collected and delivered to you regularly. Arrangements shall be done for out-going mail per your requirements.

Shared Resources
Shared Resources are highly cost-effective and help in reducing your overall expenses. And there are no expenses for servicing the equipment as the maintenance and support are provided by us. The Office automation equipment can be used on a shared basis and hence you need to pay only as per usage. The machines are placed in common areas and are easily accessible at all times. Your individual ID code secures you from unauthorized usage. No need to worry about consumable for the machines as they will be kept regularly re-filled by our office assistant.

Available Services
Apart the regular services offered by all office providers, we offer a wide range of unique complimentary services:

  • House-keeping/ Cleaning:
    Done on a daily basis according to your convenience and does not cause any interruption to your work.
  • Refreshments:
    Coffee, Tea, Chilled Water, etc are available to you and your visitors at all times.
  • Car Parking:
    Free and secure parking is available in our covered garage
  • Lobby Listing:
    Your company will be listed at the entrance of the center which would offer more exposure to your business.
  • Client, Secretarial and Reception Services:
    Your guests are greeted warmly and guided appropriately. Secretarial services such as answering calls on your company’s behalf, making travel arrangements, courier and fax management and other regular secretarial duties are all taken care by our professional Client Service Representatives.

The Advantages
The Advantages of using a Serviced Office are:

  • Ability to establish a credible company image instantly
  • Minimize your start-up costs
  • In-House billing and account management
  • Reduce your monthly operating expenses
  • Save on buying/leasing and maintaining the office equipment and furniture
  • Eliminate the expenses in hiring and managing the office support staff.

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